2022 Awards Judges

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3rd Annual Women in Watercolor Online Juried Competition

2022 Awards Judges

Lynn D. Pratt

Lynn D. Pratt is a professional artist and signature member in the American Watercolor Society, Vermont and North East Watercolor Societies.
Lynn paints in a photorealistic style which she adopted from her background in architecture and her love for detail and perfectionist nature shows in her paintings.
She is an award winning artist, demonstrator, juror and watercolor instructor and showcases her work in solo shows, international exhibitions and galleries. She has been featured on television and print including Splash, Artscope and The Artists Magazine.
Lynn loves teaching watercolor and finds inspiration from sharing her fondness of the medium with others through her Patreon Online School.

Gina Hawes

Gina Hawes is an artist, wife, and mother of three in Orange, CA. She is known for her realistic watercolor portraits and figurative works on a variety of surfaces including paper, aquabord, and watercolor ground.
Gina’s watercolors capture everyday moments with a cinematic quality. She uses strong compositions, dramatic lighting and contrast, depth of field, and limited color palettes to articulate her message through her paintings.
Gina is a self-taught artist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She uses her passion for watercolor and teaching along with her background in psychology to help watercolor artists improve their technique and achieve their goals through her mentorship program.

Ksenija Koloskova

Ksenija Koloskova is an artist, whose creative vision is rooted in a combination of representation and abstraction. Ksenija was born in Moscow, Russia but pursued study abroad in her early twenties and has been constantly moving ever since, which had a major imprint on her personality and her art. Traveling extensively, often by herself, has taught her to connect to cities in a very personal way, making architecture one of her favorite subjects.
In her paintings, realistic imagery is often obscured or deconstructed, letting the color and the light guide the viewer into the realm of emotions, memories and dreams. She uses watercolor in both transparent and opaque ways.
Ksenija is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, her work is in private collections and has been admitted to juried shows worldwide.

Alisa Shea

Alisa Shea is a child of the 70s from Normal, Illinois who left an established career in healthcare research in 2013 in order to pursue painting full time. Ms. Shea works exclusively in watercolor. She is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and is a juried member of the International Guild of Realism.
She lives in Northport, NY with her husband, two sons, and one beautiful English bulldog, and paints at an easel in the kitchen.

Brittney Tough

Canadian Artist Brittney Tough is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC). She is well known for her vibrant paintings depicting textiles and objects.
Brittney is an international award-winning artist who has exhibited work across Canada and the United States. Her work was published in Southwest Art Magazine’s feature article 21 Under 31, The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolour Artist and the Splash hardcover series of the best in contemporary watercolour. Brittney has shown in local, national and international exhibitions and received numerous awards in these competitions. Brittney received a Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Alberta University of the Arts in 2007 and is based in Calgary, Alberta. She has been teaching art for over 10 years and continues to expand her practice internationally.

Louise De Masi

Watercolour artist Louise De Masi is a teacher and author from Australia. She is well known for her vibrant watercolour paintings that combine loose washes with areas of detailed brushstrokes. She is inspired by the natural world and she sensitively renders the beauty of subjects that surround her.
Louise has worked in other mediums but it is watercolour that has engaged her attention for the past 11 years. She believes watercolour cannot be fully conquered and it is that evasive quality that she particularly loves.
Her work has been featured in Australian Artist’s Palette magazine, Australian Country Craft magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald. Louise maintains a studio in her home in NSW where she creates online watercolour tutorials for thousands of students all around the world.

Dolores Phelps

Dolores Phelps was born in London in 1961. After a successful career as an illustrator and extensive teaching experience, her professional watercolour art practice has developed into a mature and sophisticated style that has won her thousands of followers online and a great demand for her techniques to be demonstrated in workshops and classes.
Her subject matter focuses on abstract landscape, and also specializes in evocations of the surrounding forest where she lives, the mountains of South Wales and more recently large-scale abstract paintings on paper.
Gravity, combined with the guided interaction of water and pigment, in her compositions reflect the natural world and its forces.

Irena Roman

Irena Roman is a signature member of The American Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society of America, The New England Watercolor Society and Watercolor USA Honor Society. She’s twice received the Watercolor West Award from The National Watercolor Society, three gold medals and two silver medals from the New England Watercolor Society, a High Winds Medal of Honor and the Ralph Smith Memorial Award from The American Watercolor Society, and Best in Show in the 2021 Women in Watercolor competition. Her paintings frequently appear in Splash and the Best of Watercolor. She Is a professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Irena also teaches watercolor workshops for all levels.

Carrie Waller

Carrie Waller paints in a highly detailed and realistic style. She captures everyday objects in unique compositions elevating them to their most beautiful. She has won numerous awards and been published in top art publications. She is a brand ambassador with Daniel Smith. Carrie’s work has been exhibited in Belgium, China, Colombia, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, and the USA. She won the grand prize in the American Women Artist’s 2020 Museum Competition. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, and Watercolor Honor Society. She currently lives outside of Tokyo, Japan with her husband and sons.

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