About Women in Watercolor

My name is Lynn D. Pratt and I started Women in Watercolor to help encourage, support, and promote the outstanding women that are working in this medium on an international level!

Through online competitions, and in-person events we will work together to build each other up, learn from each other and increase our individual and overall success!

About Me:

I started my career as an architect and switched to watercolor painting after trying it as a hobby and completely falling in love with it. I am now a full time professional artist and signature member in the American Watercolor Society, Vermont Watercolor Society and North East Watercolor Society.

I paint in a very photorealistic style which I adopted from my background in architecture and my love for detail and have carried that perfectionist nature into my paintings.

I am an international and national award winning artist, demonstrator, juror and watercolor instructor and showcase my work in solo shows, international exhibitions and galleries. I have been featured on television and in many magazines and books including Splash, Artscope and The Artists Magazine.

I have a deep passion for teaching watercolor and find inspiration from sharing my love of the medium with others. I travel all over to teach and hold classes for every age and ability. I also have an Online School through Patreon where I teach and mentor people from all over the world.

All Aboard
Box of Dreams
Pocket Change

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